Saturday, January 8, 2011

DTG HM1-C Digital Garment Printer

Whether you're printing textiles or rigid surfaces, the all new DTG HM1 is loaded with features creating a perfect platform for your business.

The DTG HM1  features all the characteristics that made the original DTG Kiosk the world's first choice in digital direct garment printing, but with some added user friendly SMART features to enhance speed and print quality. Perfect for textile direct printing and rigid surfaces, the DTG HM1 sets a new standard in small flatbed printing technology. With an 8 color bulk ink system built-in and auto bed adjustment to a max 5.5 in.All with advanced firmware options to provide the industry's most reliable and accurate garment printing solution.

DTG's exclusive WIMS II White Ink Management System is now included on all DTG models. WIMS constantly circulates and filters the white ink, practically eliminating white ink separation and clogging issues, resulting in better prints on dark garments and drastically reduced maintenance time.

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Size (inches) Resolution (DPI) Speed
Single Pass

Double Pass*
Ink Cost
Single Pass
Ink Cost
Single Pass*
5 x 5 in. 360 dpi 12 seconds 30 seconds 5 cents 10 cents
5 x 5 in. 720 dpi 20 seconds 45 seconds 6 cents 13 cents
11.5 x 11. 5 in. 360 dpi 35 seconds 75 seconds 8 cents 16 cents
11.5 x 11. 5 in. 720 dpi 60 seconds 130 seconds 11 cents 21 cents
11.5 x 16 in. 360 dpi 70 seconds 150 seconds 11 cents 21 cents
11.5 x 16 in. 720 dpi 120 seconds 250 seconds 17 cents 33 cents


Precision head-moving technology for accurate registration
Bulk Ink System - 8 (4 oz.) easily refillable, wide mouth bottles.
Vacuum System - One touch secondary vacuum system makes it easy to draw inks or cleaning solution through the print head.
Ink change - The above systems make it easy to switch inks to print on non-textile hard goods such as metal, tiles, golf balls, foam core board and more.
Includes one 12 x 18” adult platen. Optional platens are available.
Serviceability - Award winning service department that backs the products with knowledge and knowhow.
Parts availability - We carry a large inventory of parts to give our customers added peace of mind. Again, we back what we sell!
Warranty - One year limited warranty covering parts and labor.


Size 35" x 27½ " x 19½ " inches (length x width x height)
Unit Weight 115 lbs* (uncrated)
Nozzles 96 x 7
Print Direction Bi-directional or Uni-directional
Maximum Image Size 12 x 21 inches
Connectivity Interface USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 Firewire
Drivers Included
Win 95/98/ME/NT4.x/2000/XP
Ink DTG water based inks
Ink Kit Contents
  • RipPro Software
  • Pretreatment Solution with applicator
  • White Ink
  • C/M/Y/K
  • Cleaning solution
Resolution 360 dpi to 2880 dpi
Speed 8 x 12 inch design at 720 dpi prints in approximately 60 seconds (single pass)
Voltage Standard Power Outlet: 110/120V
* This weight does not reflect the shipping weight due to dimensional weight used by the shipping companies.



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